Yoga Strength Building

When most people think of a yoga practitioner, it’s easy to think of some skinny person who’s capable of twisting their body into any pose. And while such a feat can be achievable through the practice of yoga, not all yoga practitioners are skinny. In fact, many of them are very muscular and before you even ask, yes, their large muscles are contributed by just solely practicing yoga. Strength building through yoga is, unfortunately, not something that’s believed to be possible, which is why most individuals laugh off the idea that you can develop your muscles through its practice.

It is, however, possible to do and when you sign up for classes at Roses Poses, we can help you develop your strength.

Strength Building Through Yoga

Can Yoga Really Build Muscle?

It’s a common question many yoga practitioners are asked a lot, and all answers are generally the same.

It is possible to build and develop your muscles by practicing yoga. Yoga is practiced through means of placing your body in poses and positions that are typically difficult to perform for beginners. Such poses often require the practitioner to engage their muscles intensely in order to hold them. Some of them even involve the practitioner having to lift their own bodyweight, which requires a tremendous amount of their own strength and focus. Through time and effort, the beginner practitioner will be able to develop their strength and even engage muscles that they didn’t think were possible to target. Eventually, they’ll notice an increase in muscle tone, definition, and even size.

Yoga, The Balanced Approach to Strength Building

Yoga is a well-balanced approach to strength training, mainly because:

  • Yoga drastically reduces your risk of injury and conditions your body to perform much better at things you have to do every day: walk, sit, twist, bend, etc. Yoga is generally designed to move your body in ways it was designed to move in order to ensure it keeps functioning properly
  • Through the practice of yoga, your muscles are toned all over your body. Other practices, such as weight training, will only target certain muscles or groups at a time.
  • Proper execution of yoga poses often rely on weird contractions where the muscles stretch as it contracts. This gives muscles that sleek, elongated appearance while increasing flexibility in the muscles and joints.
  • Muscle endurance is increased because yoga makes you hold poses for extended periods of time.

Looking to Develop Your Strength as Well as Your Spirit & Mind? Take Yoga Classes at Roses Poses!

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