Great place. Rose is a wonderful knowledgeable teacher who took her time to help the class members relax and enjoy the class.

Rhonda CoueyBrisson

Rose is not only kind and gentle person, but a kind and gentle teacher as well. When you enter her studio you will automatically feel at peace. She welcomes you with a smile and openness that is like no other. Class to follow is an opportunity to leave it all behind and focus your mind and breath on what is in that moment. Through out the class she guides you with an effortless flow. She is truly a unique teacher. I highly recommend dropping by for a class you will be inspired.

Maritsa Yzaguirre-Kelley

This is a welcoming and joyful yoga studio. Rose peovides helpful and informational tutoring at the level you need. I was here for three weeks and learned lots and improved my practice in classes along with her regulars. A space great for a few visits or as a regular. Thanks, Rose, for making my stay with you and my time in Green Acres awesome

Heather Buxton

The atmosphere at Roses Poses is serene and inviting and Rose is an excellent teacher, patient and knowledgeable. I so enjoy attending her classes. I feel so much better, physically and mentally, since I have been learning from Rose.

Lauren Altschuler

With doing yoga with mrs. Rose she went slow with me and took time to help me out with my back i have a slipped disc in my lower back. With her help and patience my back is starting to feel a lot better and my favorite thing she said to me was “its a years practice and not a 90 min class” so with that being said she understood that i couldnt do everything and she adjusted to help me out and feel better. I would recommend her to anyone loved her teaching love her best yoga i have did

Tina Jones

Yoga is NOT just for skinny, flexible, uber healthy folks! Rose showed me that even a 250#, out of shape, 55 y/o, unflexible, person can do yoga. I was intimidated and thought that I’d feel humiliated when it was all done, and Rose showed me that I was wrong.

With her expert guidance using blocks, folded blankets, straps and some gentle assistance, I was able to do several poses comfortably.

I highly recommend this studio for women and men who have avoided yoga in the past out of fear of being awkwardly out of shape – this is your studio!!!!

Janet Caen

Rose is patient and warm. Beginners, like me, are welcomed with open arms. My 7 year old attends, too, and loves it! Kids Yoga on Mondays at 5. Tons of fun and gratitude is practiced. Love it!

Patricia Alessi-Rozzi

Rose is amazing, and her classes are perfect for beginner or advance yogis! She is so patient and her studio has an amazing ambiance.

Sabrina Victoria

Very good in-depth class. The instructor gives insights into how muscles work and what each pose is meant to achieve. The cherry on top is the guided relaxation at the end. The studio is beautiful and you can tell that lots of love went into creating it. I will be back.

Kristin Schwarz

Awesome Yoga studio!
Friendly atmosphere, good clases.

Marisol Rodriguez

Roses Poses IS for EVERYONE! Thank you, Rose, for showing me yoga isn’t just for slim, trim, athletic people. There are poses even for a fat AARP card carrier – Rose will assist you and make sure that you are comfortable using soft blocks, folded blankets and straps. It’s not about contorting into crazy pretzel positions, it’s about focusing on what your able to do. Beautiful studio. Beautiful teacher 

Janet Caen

Rose is a great teacher patient and kind. She took her time to explain the postures and was aware that everyone is at a different spot. She is awesome. I am so glad I found her studio. Everyone should check it out!

Heather Rae

Have been going to classes since Rose opened in December and I would not want to go to any other studio. Atmosphere is so calming and Rose is a very patient, knowledgeable teacher. Wonderful place to practice!

Lauren Altschuler

Such a great place, this is my first experience with yoga and Rose is such a great teacher. I actually look forward to my yoga days!! Thank you Rose!!

Fre Ann Pittman

regarding the practice of yoga. …LOVED IT!!! � Rose is an AMAZING guide/instructor who has a great demeanor and the most soothing voice. She was able to teach me in a way that I can personally achieve these goals without causing any pain. I’m definitely going to continue, and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Roses Poses.

Louise Darmanin

Rose is amazing. Her studio is perfectly set up and she is a phenomenal instructor.

Lori Benilous

Best studio around to practice and learn yoga! Rose is amazing, the ambience is so peaceful that as soon as u enter positivity comes into you.

Erica Caen Smith

Rose is an excellent instructor. Thank you for all you are teaching me. I feel alive again.

Mayda Moreira Freire

It seems to be helping me very much, despite my awkwardness! Love Rose!

Nancy Cohen

Great heart-centered instruction! Positive environment, and respect for students’ personal needs.

Lisa Richman

Great classes and wonderful kids yoga teacher trainings!

Stephanie Guerra Dorr

My first adventure into Yoga. Very happy with class.

Lorraine Bareiss