Established in 2015. Roses Poses was born from personal tragedy, nurtured with support, love, and understanding, and has developed into a place for personal growth and healing for all that seek these things in their life. Through breath (pranayama), yoga poses (asana), and meditation true healing is attainable. The only thing one must have is an open heart and mind.

Rose Eicson-Caen

I teach a mindful practice, encouraging the student to focus within while being mindful of what the body is conveying. Gentle stretching, learning new postures at every visit – while paying attention to proper alignment, flowing from one posture to the next with grace and ease.

I was formally established corporately in the medical field. After the company I was working for sold, I found myself unemployed. During my job search my husband asked what I wanted to do. I told him ultimately practice my yoga. He suggested that I go for my Yoga Teacher Training and become certified to teach; having had built a strong personal practice over many years, and having a genuine love and passion for the practice – not just the asana but ALL 8 limbs of yoga. I decided his words made sense. I dropped any remaining self-doubt, completed my YTT200 hour, became certified with Yoga Alliance and began teaching. After a couple of months of teaching, my students and friends began the push for me to grow even more – “open your own studio”, “you can do this”, “I don’t want to share you with others, but it’s not right to keep you to myself when you could be helping others” they said. My husband and I looked for and found space and Roses Poses came to being.