Many people are very hesitant to try hypnosis because they are afraid that they will be barking like a dog while strutting around flapping their arms like a chicken. Or while they are out with their family having dinner they hear a phone ring and immediately stand up and start singing “Happy Birthday”. While this is possible through hypnosis – that is NOT what I do here. So, relax.

The most important thing to know about hypnosis is that NO ONE can make you do anything you are not willing to do. Hypnosis can be an excellent modality to help overcome/change many situations in your life. Do you want to stop smoking? Lose that fear of flying? Addiction? Chocolate? Shopping? Release undesired weight? Hypnosis may be a helpful step for you.

Some people are very adamant that they cannot be hypnotized. If you are firmly convinced of that, then the chances are you can’t. Remember YOU CAN do and have WHATEVER you want when you set your mind to it. And Hypnotizing helps you to set your mind to “it”. Whatever your “it” is.

Trust is important. You will want to feel comfortable with and trust the person you are working with. Call today set up a time to meet and talk. We can do a susceptibility test and when you see that you can be hypnotized, we can then work together to attain your goals.