The Benefits in Yoga for Kids

While it may seem weird at first, yoga for kids has a lot of benefits that not many people know about. Yoga promotes and helps with a lot of important bodily functions. Yoga for kids is a fun, creative, non-competitive exercise that helps promote fitness, flexibility, balance, relaxation, and mindfulness. Kids that practice yoga on a regular basis are calmer, happier, and are more focused. Yoga also helps them fall asleep faster as well as get better sleep at night. Roses Poses wants to help show the benefits of yoga for kids, so we put together a list of all the amazing things it can do!


Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Below, you’ll find some of the amazing benefits yoga will do for your kid. 



  • Better Sleep at Night: While not all kids, most of them will have a hard time falling asleep at night due to a number of reasons. It can be because of something they are worried about or because of something that happened at school. When this happens, our bodies produce a powerful stress hormone that can make sleeping very difficult. Practicing yoga before bed can help mediate this stress and make falling asleep easier than ever before. This can also help release any pent-up energy they have acquired throughout the day.
  • Fun for Everyone: The process of teaching yoga to your kid doesn’t have to just be something special for them, get yourself or even the whole family involved. Instead of just watching your child, try joining in. This will encourage them to try even harder and will give you a new activity to do with your child. Why not help your mind and body as well?
  • Promote Brain Function: The development of the brain mostly happens during childhood and will begin to slow down by the age of 25. By regularly practicing yoga as a kid, your child will develop cognitive skills and enhance memory retention at a young age. Strong mental development can help them feel more prepared for situations as well as have better performance in the classroom and real world.
  • Better Social Skills: Yoga for kids is known to improve awareness, empathy, patience, and respect towards peers and adults. Better social skills will mean making friends easier and forming better bonds with them. Yoga also improves their communication skills and enhances their listening abilities. Improving your kid’s verbal and nonverbal skills through yoga can go a long way in their life. 



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