Sweating During Yoga is Perfectly Healthy

You’ve been sweating a lot during yoga recently and you may be wondering “is this healthy?”. Yes, sweating during yoga is perfectly healthy. It doesn’t have to be the hot summer weather either, sweating during yoga does amazing things for your body, no matter the time of the year. 

Yoga is a form of detoxifying exercise. The various folds, twists, and stretches help your organs release various toxins. These toxins often escape through sweat, so let’s break down why sweating during yoga is perfectly healthy. 

Boost Your Immunity

When the body warms up, it begins to sweat. This reaction is similar to what the body does when fighting an illness. Your white blood cell count increases which boosts immunity. When this process is combined with the release of toxins, it means your body is making you healthier. 

Improve Hearth Health

Sweating during yoga means that your body is working. Your heart is working harder and pumping more blood.  This increase in heart rate leads to an increase in the circulation of fluid that escapes through your body’s pores. 

Your heart is a muscle, and like any other muscle, it gets stronger the more it’s used. No matter the reason, your heart pumping more means it’s getting stronger and healthier. 

Improve Skin Health

If you didn’t already know, yoga is a great way to reduce acne, eczema, and psoriasis. It’s also been proven to reduce stress and decrease inflammation which is are both responsible for causing skin problems. 

Sweating eliminates toxins that contribute to skin issues which also helps with anti-aging. Sweating also means that oxygen is being brought to the surface of your skin which your skin needs to flourish.

Boost Brain Health

Sweating during yoga can improve brain health, especially if you’re older. Recent studies have shown that physical activity boosts brain health and yoga is the perfect way to sweat it out.

Release Toxins

Science has shown that sweat releases toxins the same way that urination does. Common heavy metals, chemicals, and PCBs are all released through your sweat. No matter how much you sweat during yoga, it’s a good thing. 

Start Sweating Now

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