Lantana Meditation Classes

Are you new to meditation? Or would you prefer private one-on-one instruction? Do you have personal meditation goals that would require dedicated support? Roses Poses offers private meditation classes for students of all levels. Book a private meditation session with instruction from Roses Poses.

Our meditation services are dedicated to helping you discover the peaceful strength needed to face life’s challenges, big or small. At Roses Pose’s you will find a calm sanctuary from the hustle, bustle, and frenzy of the world. Our mission is to awaken your inner spirit and give you the tools and drive to face the outside challenges and lead a more complete and meaningful life.

Lantana Mindful Meditation

Meditation is a state of mind in which the person focuses their attention on one single thing. When the person’s mind, or attention, naturally wanders to another thought, the person brings their attention back to their original focus. This process, also referred to as mindfulness is both simple – anyone can do it – and difficult, because one’s mind always wanders.

The benefits of Meditation are many and vast. I teach a guided meditation geared toward the beginning meditation student. Explaining the benefits of mediation practice, offering various techniques on how to quiet or still the mind and come into a space of inner peace as you shut out the outside world even if for a moment. Our Lantana meditation classes help you to:

  • Cultivate better self-care practices
  • Manage stress more effectively
  • Improve clinical skills including communication
  • Increase work satisfaction through mindfulness.

Benefits of Lantana Meditation

Meditation offers many proven benefits for mental and physical health. General meditation and mindfulness research shows meditation can help change the actual structure of the brain. People who practice meditation also report lower levels of stress and anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. Consistent meditators who have trouble sleeping may sleep better and demonstrate improved immune function. At Roses Poses we are big on holistic wellness; that is mind and body. For many people, meditation has become a tool for managing stress. For some, it helps to promote improved health), including a better quality of sleep. For others, it helps them achieve clarity of mind and an underlying feeling of contentment and peace.

Roses Poses Lantana Community Meditation Classes

Roses Poses offers community meditation on Wednesday nights at approximately 7:15 pm. This is an ideal approach for beginners but experienced practitioners will find that guided meditation can be a welcomed refuge from particularly stressful moments or a busy mind. In this meditation style, the facilitator will guide your practice aloud. You are invited to savor and utilize the experience to anchor and inform your practice. We will begin promptly with simple instruction as we orient ourselves into the guided practice. Following the guided mediation participants will have an opportunity for inquiry.

Community Meditation is a Donation based class, suggested donation minimum of $5.00 per person.

Private meditation classes are available by appointment only.

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