Roses Poses Yoga Etiquette

Whether your new to yoga or new to the studio, you may find these tips to be helpful.

  • Shoes – No such thing in yoga. Remove shoes upon entering the studio. Never wear shoes into the practice area – no matter where you practice.
  • Eating before class? This is a common question. It is recommended that one does not eat for at least two hours prior to practice.  Doesn’t matter if its a gentle class or active class – many poses (asanas) work your innards as well as your soft tissues, and you really don’t want a full meal in your digestive tract as you twist. However, there is a reality in life and that reality is sometimes our planning just doesn’t pan out. I know YOU want to make it to class and I know you NEED to eat. So … very light, make it something that goes a long way, maybe a few nuts or small pkg of trail mix, a banana, ½ sandwich whole grain breads always best – the nutrition talks come later. Yippe!
  • Arrive at least 5 minutes prior to class starting.  Here at Roses Posses we do understand that although OUR lives revolve around yoga, there a good chance yours just doesn’t (no matter how much you want it to). Given that, we do encourage everyone to be respectful of time. Give yourself the 5 – 10 mins to sign in, change, put your belongings away, use the restroom, set up your mat, gather any props, and begin to center yourself in the space.
  • Running Late? No worries, everyone has a day where we run late or decide to attend class at the last minute.  In those instances, please be quiet upon entering the studio, take your space as unobtrusively as possible.
  • Need to leave early? No worries. Make sure you place yourself near the door so that you do not disrupt fellow yogis as you exit. ALWAYS take the time to give yourself a Savasana, it’s the most important asana of your practice.
  • Phones – Leave your cell phone in your car or make sure you turn it off.  If it’s on vibrate you can often hear the vibration, especially if the phone is sitting on wood or metal.  During your practice you’ll be listening to your guide and your breath, as you move through a deep practice, moving into Savasana or a guided meditation, you’re in your ”Zone” and then all of the sudden someone’s cell phone start shrieking “Freebird” or “Baby Got Back”.  If you forgot and your phone does go off and you know its yours, please get up and turn it off. If it’s a must that you take call (life throws all kinds of stuff our way) please remove yourself from the studio and ear shot so that your fellow yogis’ practice is not disturbed any further. It will be greatly appreciated by all.
  • Please be honest about your injuries and heath conditions, even if they are controlled by medication. There are postures that should be avoided for everything from glaucoma to herniated discs (including pregnancy), however, there are many, many ways guides can modify poses for you that safely take into account any health issues you may have.
  • Hygiene – Lotion may make our skin feel soft and smooth, but it also will make your mat feel like a slip & slide. Avoid it (trust me on this one). Cleanliness – it should go without having to expound on. J
  • Gotta Go! – Please, if you need to use the restroom feel free, walk around the back of the class to exit and re-enter the space (being respectful of fellow yogis). Join back in wherever we are upon your return.
  • Questions? About a posture (asana) while in class…speak up, you never know if someone else is thinking or feeling the same. However, if you have something to talk to your guide about (schedules, class pkg rates, etc.), please do it before or after class, not during the class.

At Roses Poses it is our intention to offer you a well put together, thoughtful, mindful, and safe practice designed to take you to your edge (wherever that may be) but not over the cliff.

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