Is Meditation Good Before Bed?

Is Meditation Good Before Bed?

Meditation is a great way to unwind and calm your mind. People will often not have the time or drive to jump out of bed early before work in order to meditate. This doesn’t mean you can’t meditate at all. Meditation during the evening or right before bed is still as beneficial as doing it in the morning. It allows a chance to clear our minds and connect with ourselves. Meditation can provide you with a number of benefits before deciding to close your eyes for the night. 

Roses Poses is here for you if you need assistance with meditation. We offer a number of different meditation classes that will show you how to relax and connect with your inner self. 

To help show you how helpful mediation is before bed, we wanted to provide you with the benefits you can expect.


Better Quality Sleep

If you have issues falling asleep at night, meditation before bed can change that. Regular meditation before bed is a great way to increase the quality and amount of sleep you get. Mediation will help your body unwind by reducing worry, anxiety, and chronic pain. 

Practicing meditation can help your body trigger the parasympathetic nervous system to produce melatonin, a hormone that is responsible for sleepiness. Our bodies usually produce melatonin about an hour before we actually fall asleep. Practicing meditation before bed is a great way to produce melatonin and fall asleep faster.


Suppresses Stress

When we get stressed out, our body responds by releasing adrenaline, cortisol, and others hormones that trigger our “fight or flight”. This is a bad recipe to have before going to bed. That’s where meditation comes in. With meditation, you can manage stress by focusing the mind and calming the nervous system. 

It’s been shown that regular meditation can decrease cortisol levels, the hormone that is responsible for stress. 


Better Mood

When we become stressed, our emotions tend to be running hot. We often feel the most stress towards the end of a long day. Meditating before bed is a great way to clear the stress and bring back balance to your emotions. Meditation is also a great way to boost empathy, kindness, and compassion towards yourself and everyone around you. 


Stronger Relationships

Meditation allows you to connect with the world and see yourself how others see you. This helps us understand that there is no right way to be. In meditation, we learn to accept ourselves and our experiences which then allows us to open our hearts and feel more compassion for those around us. This elevates our ability to relate with others and create stronger relationships than ever before. 


Discover Everything That Meditation Can Do For You

Meditation comes with an incredible amount of benefits for yourself and even the people around you. You can do meditation before bed just like you would in the morning and experience the same benefits. This is only a small sample of what meditation can do for you and Roses Poses wants to show it all! Visit our contact page today if you’re interested in learning more about meditation, yoga, life coaching, and more!