How Meditation Can Make You Even Better At Yoga.

Meditation and yoga. They’re two terms that you’ve probably heard a lot together and you may even get them confused at times. Chances are if you’re shopping for a yoga mat, the meditation mala is right around the corner. 

Even with this obvious connection, it’s more likely than not that someone is only practicing one or the other. This is a huge mistake as the two practiced together can make one better at both at the same time. 

Yoga can help the body become more relaxed and in tune with its surroundings and, in turn, makes one better at meditation since you’re more relaxed. The additional stretching also helps to make sure your legs won’t break at the hinges when getting into a lotus position. Now, let’s find out how meditation helps us improve and build our yoga skills. If you’d like to see any of these tips in practice, make sure to visit Roses Poses Yoga Studio in Lake Worth for personal teachings and classes.

Meditation Reduces Oxygen Intake.

A more peculiar and interesting fact about meditation is it changes how your body uses oxygen.

During meditation, one reduces their oxygen consumption by 10%. This means that you’re able to control your breathing much better during meditation. During yoga, you may find yourself short of breath or winded, and, if such a case applies to you, meditation could be a game-changer. Take some time before your next yoga session and even during to see how meditation will help regulate your breathing and make your performance better than ever! 

Hot Yoga Feeling a Little Too Hot?

Hot yoga, as the name suggests, is known to be a little hot and, as a result, means lots of sweating can occur. With meditation, this can change.

When we sweat, it’s because our body temperatures are gradually rising and getting hotter. Through meditation, one can reduce their heart rate and blood pressure which reduces our body temperature and, as a result, reduces sweating.

If you’re finding yourself sweating a little too much, give meditation a try, and if you’re interested in hot yoga make sure to visit Roses Poses in Lake Worth.

Focus on Your Asanas.

Through yoga, we are mainly training our bodies, but why not exercise the mind as well? 

When we place our bodies into an asana (pose), the only thing that we will focus on is the pose and the pose alone. Yoga asanas in themselves offer many mental health benefits, but to capture the full benefits, we must focus on what we are doing.

Chances are when you walk into a yoga studio, you’re also bringing in lots of different thoughts and mental clutter that can often take away that focus.

Meditation is one of the best ways to clear this mental clutter and get the best possible results from a yoga session. Meditation is well known to increase our focus and concentration and this allows us to garner better results through yoga asanas. 

Increase Your Yoga Performance in Lake Worth With Roses Poses

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