How to Destress at Work

Your work environment can be a place of comfort. But unfortunately, it can also be a place of stress. And this is perfectly normal considering that you can be overwhelmed with paperwork, filing, and any other similar tasks. But don’t worry, there are easy steps you can take to destress yourself at work, some of which are listed below so that you can inform yourself. Through these steps, you’ll be able to be at peace as you carry out your work duties.

Ways to Destress at Work

Small Meditation

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a special location to meditate, let alone the right equipment. In fact, just about any setting can serve as the perfect space for meditation, including your office desk. Whenever you’re dealing with a hectic day at the office, push your seat back a little and take a few minutes to clear your mind. By meditating for about 5 mins, you’re able to restore some sense of your wellbeing.


A hectic workday can cause tension, and when you’re mentally tensed, you slowly become physically tensed. So when you’re trying to calm yourself after meditation, you should try to get rid of that tension with some stretches.

Stretches are a great way to alleviate tension. Stand up and try to touch your toes. If space and privacy permit it, you can perform a butterfly stretch or even a downward dog yoga pose. By doing such stretches, you can release tension that you didn’t even know you were holding in your body. And other than muscular tension, stretching will also help you slow your breathing rate and even lower your blood pressure.

Breathing Exercises

Stress in the workplace can result in you taking rapid, shallow breaths without you even knowing it. To restore proper breathing, perform breathing exercises to break free from your stress rhythm and to refocus your mind.

Breathing exercises are easy to perform so long as you breathe in deeply and then exhale. No matter how you perform breathing exercises, such practices have been proven to release stress.

Go Outside

Sometimes, the best way to destress is to just leave your workspace for a little bit. In fact, if you can, go outside and breathe in the fresh air. The great outdoors has been proven to lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol. More so, you also benefit from the vitamin D you receive from sunshine and the boost from being around a green space. Just simply being outside for 10 minutes can do so much to help you destress.

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