Cultivate your Yoga & Meditation practice in a safe and caring environment with us at Roses Poses

Yoga at Roses Poses

Leave your ego, doubt, and expectations at the door, be prepared to quiet your mind and open it to the infinite possibilities of who you truly are and what you are capable of.


Never stepped into a yoga studio let alone on to a yoga mat? Yoga pants never made it to a yoga class? No worries, Roses Poses offers slow and gentle yoga perfectly suited for the absolte beignner. Think you're not Flexiable enough?  Leave that "F" word at the door and come on in . Flexiablity of the body and mind is something that is  atainable .  I can asist you in attaining your goals for a more open mind and body.

3834 Jog Rd, Greenacres, Florida 33467